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Trophy Insurance

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Exclusive Insurance Programs for SCI Members

Welcome to SCIMemberInsurance.com. We are the exclusively recognized SCI Member Insurance Provider for Gun and Trophy Insurance Programs.

Each of these programs is available on-line to SCI membership. And, our long-time consultants, Sportsmans Insurance Agency, Lechner & Stauffer, and Global Rescue are ready to assist you at any time. They are specialists in their respective fields and can answer your questions as well as help you complete your applications. Don’t hesitate to contact them today.

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Who Are We

As a member of Safari Club International, no one needs to tell you about the thrill and reward that is the essence of every hunt. As an experienced hunter, you recognize the wide-ranging expectations, planning, and financial costs that accompany your desire to achieve your personal best. However, in our ever-changing world of uncertainty, your commitment at such a high level exposes you to many financial and physical risks.

As long-standing Safari Club International endorsed protection partners, Lechner & Stauffer and Sportman's Insurance Agency are the only such endorsed brokers for SCI Members looking to insure their hunting investments, firearms and firearm collections, trophies, med evac and SCI Convention vendor liability insurance needs. Trusted by SCI and their world-class membership for many years means we place a full measure of dedication towards each and every transaction and the promises we make.

SCI Gun Insurance Program

World-wide coverage for theft, fire, flood, mysterious disappearance and accidental damage. This is the finest firearms insurance available, with no deductible, below market rates, and full replacement cost coverage for items currently being made.

SCI Gun Insurance Program

SCI Trophy Insurance

This insurance covers the expenses necessary to hunt a replacement animal based on the valuation provided in the Trophy Inventory section of the application. Highlights include: Flood & Earthquake coverage, Increased values for top 10 record Book Trophies, Low $250 deductible, Ability to add and delete trophies online, Taxidermy coverage, Buy Online or by Mail.

SCI Trophy Insurance

SCI Guides & Outfitters Liability

SCI is pleased to offer Liability Insurance program for Guides and Outfitters. This insurance has been designed expressly for the types of risks and challenges that our guide members encounter in their hunting and guiding businesses. We believe that not only is this the finest G&O liability insurance on the market, it is priced below market and offers an outstanding value to guide businesses of all sizes.

SCI Guides & Outfitters Liability

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