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A Safari Club International Program

Designed exclusively by and for SCI Members

The SCI Member Benefit Trophy Insurance is the Only Insurance of Its Kind.

When your successful hunt is completed we will take your trophy from the taxidermist to the trophy room with SCI’s exclusive Trophy Insurance Program. This one of a kind program takes into consideration the difficulty and cost associated with replacing a trophy or record mount, and provides the next best thing. That’s right, a replacement hunt for another trophy animal. Whether it’s a lion hunt or you’re going back to Russia for brown bear, SCI’s Trophy Insurance will provide the funds.

SCI’s Trophy Insurance will pay the average cost of the replacement hunt and the associated expenses based on the values provided in the Trophy Inventory section of the application.

SCI’s Trophy Insurance provides comprehensive coverage based on an “agreed value,” all risk basis. Flood and earthquake coverage is included!

Program Highlights:

  • For any size trophy collection – small or large.
  • Values may be increased if trophies are recorded in Boone & Crocket or SCI’s record books’ Top 10. Maximum coverage is limited to twice the value indicated.
  • Deductible is only $250.
  • Additional Trophies may be added at any time.
  • Payment not required at time application is submitted. We will bill you if approved.
  • Taxidermy Coverage is available.
  • North American…..African…..and Asiatic Big Game Mounts
  • Insect damage is not covered.

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Applying for Coverage is Simple

There are two ways to apply for SCI’s Trophy Insurance.

Apply Option 1: Secure Online Application System

You can complete our secure online application system to submit your information securely over the internet.

» Apply for Trophy Insurance Now: Secure & Online

To begin your application, simply register using your email address and provide a password. Next, you’ll enter the location(s) where your trophies are displayed or stored and then select your trophies from our complete online list of nearly 700 pre-filled trophy selections. Your estimated premium is calculated automatically. Payment is not required when you submit your application. We will invoice you after your application has been approved by the underwriters.

If you would like to see for yourself how simple the online application process really is, simply click the “Video” tab above and view the demonstration video.

Apply Option 2: By Fax or Mail

You can download, complete and email, or print out a copy of the application (16 pages), complete it and either mail or fax it to us.

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Complete Trophy & Coverage Price List






Bear, Alaskan Brown (Rug)-Head from North America$15,000.00
Bear, Alaskan Brown (Rug)-Lifesized of North America$17,000.00
Bear, American Black (Rug)-Head of North America$4,700.00
Bear, American Black (Rug)-Lifesized of North America$6,100.00
Bear, Grizzly (Rug)- Head of North America$9,700.00
Bear, Grizzly (Rug)- Lifesized of North America$11,600.00
Bear, Polar (Rug)-Head of North America$21,700.00
Bear, Polar (Rug)-Lifesized of North America$25,500.00
Bison, American-Head of North America$4,900.00
Bison, American-Lifesized of North America$8,900.00
Bobcat (Rug)-Head of North America$1,600.00
Bobcat -Lifesized of North America$1,800.00
Brocket, Red-Head of North America$3,900.00
Brocket, Red-Lifesized of North America$5,400.00
Caribou, Alaska Yukon Barren Ground-Head of North America$6,600.00
Caribou, Alaska Yukon Barren Ground-Lifesized of North America$9,100.00
Caribou, Arctic Island-Head of North America$6,700.00
Caribou, Arctic Island-Lifesized of North America$9,300.00
Caribou, Mountain -Head of North America$4,400.00
Caribou, Mountain-Lifesized of North America$7,000.00
Caribou, Quebec-Labrador-Head of North America$5,600.00
Caribou, Quebec-Labrador-Lifesized of North America$8,100.00
Caribou, Woodland-Head of North America$6,600.00
Caribou, Woodland-Lifesized of North America$9,100.00
Caribou, Central Canada Barren Ground-Head of North America$5,400.00
Caribou, Central Canada Barren Ground-Lifesized of North America$7,900.00
Cougar or Mountain Lion-Head of North America$5,000.00
Cougar or Mountain Lion -Lifesized of North America$6,600.00
Coyote-Lifesized of North America$550.00
Deer, Columbia Black-Tailed-Head of North America$4,600.00
Deer, Columbia Black-Tailed-Lifesized of North America$6,200.00
Deer, Mule-Desert-Head of North America$4,500.00
Deer, Mule Desert-Lifesized of North America$6,100.00
Deer, Mule Rocky Mountain-Head of North America$3,400.00
Deer, Mule Rocky Mountain-Lifesized of North America$5,000.00
Deer, Sitka Black-Tailed-Head of North America$6,400.00
Deer, Sitka Black-Tailed-Lifesized of North America$8,000.00
Deer, White Tailed Central America-Head of North America$3,600.00
Deer, White-Tailed Central American-Lifesized of North America$5,200.00
Deer, White-Tailed Coues-Head of North America$3,300.00
Deer. White-Tailed Coues-Lifesized of North America$4,900.00
Deer, White-Tailed Mexican-Head of North America$5,900.00
Deer, White-Tailed Mexican-Lifesized of North America$7,500.00
Deer, White-Tailed Northeastern-Head of North America$2,900.00
Deer, White-Tailed Northeastern-Lifesized of North America$5,100.00
Deer, White-Tailed Northwestern-Head of North America$4,900.00
Deer, White-Tailed Northwestern-Lifesized of North America$6,500.00
Deer, White-Tailed Southeastern-Head of North America$3,300.00
Deer, White-Tailed Southeastern-Lifesized of North America$4,900.00
Deer, White-Tailed Texas-Head of North America$3,600.00
Deer, White-Tailed Texas-Lifesized of North America$5,200.00
Elk or Wapiti, Rocky Mountain-Head of North America$4,900.00
Elk or Wapiti, Rocky Mountain-Lifesized of North America$7,600.00
Elk or Wapiti, Roosevelt-Head of North America$4,700.00
Elk or Wapiti, Roosevelt-Lifesized of North America$7,500.00
Elk or Wapiti, Tule-Head of North America$16,600.00
Elk or Wapiti, Tule-Lifesized of North America$19,400.00
Fox-Lifesized of North America$550.00
Goat, Mountain-Head of North America$5,000.00
Goat, Mountain-Lifesized of North America$6,800.00
Lynx, Canada-Head of North America$2,700.00
Lynx, Canada-Lifesized of North America$3,000.00
Moose, Western Canada-Head of North America$6,300.00
Moose, Western Canada-Lifesized of North America$10,100.00
Moose, Shiras-Head of North America$5,000.00
Moose, Shiras-Lifesized of North America$8,800.00
Moose, Alaska-Yukon-Head of North America$8,100.00
Moose, Alaska-Yukon-Lifesized of North America$12,000.00
Moose, Eastern Canada-Head of North America$5,600.00
Moose, Eastern Canada-Lifesized of North America$9,400.00
Muskox, Barren Ground-Head of North America$6,300.00
Muskox, Barren Gound-Lifesized of North America$9,700.00
Muskox, Greenland-Head of North America$6,200.00
Muskox, Greenland-Lifesized of North America$9,500.00
Peccary or Javelina, Collared-Head of North America$1,900.00
Peccary or Javelina, Collared-Lifesized of North America$2,600.00
Pronghorn-Head of North America$3,200.00
Pronghorn-Lifesized of North America$4,800.00
Sheep, Bighorn Rocky Mountain-Head of North America$18,000.00
Sheep, Bighorn Rocky Mountain-Lifesized of North America$20,200.00
Sheep, Desert Bighorn-Head of North America$57,200.00
Sheep, Desert Bighorn-Lifesized of North America$60,000.00
Sheep, Dall or White-Head of North America$13,000.00
Sheep, Dall or White-Lifesized of North America$15,000.00
Sheep, Stone-Head of North America$22,000.00
Sheep, Stone-Lifesized of North America$24,000.00
Wolf, Gray-Head of North America$2,600.00
Wolf, Gray-Lifesized of North America$3,700.00
Wolverine-Lifesized of North America$800.00
Addax-Head of North American Introduced$5,600.00
Addax-Lifesized of North America Introduced$7,100.00
Barasingha-Head of North America Introduced$5,600.00
Barasingha-Lifesized of North America Introduced$8,300.00
Blackbuck or Indian Antelope-Head of North America Introduced$3,900.00
Blackbuck or Indian Antelope-Lifesized of North America Introduced$5,500.00
Boar, Feral-Head of North American Introduced$1,800.00
Boar, Feral-Lifesized of North American Introduced$3,100.00
Boar, Wild (Purebred)-Head of North American Introduced$1,900.00
Boar, Wild (Purebred)-Lifesized of North American Introduced$3,300.00
Deer, Axis or Chital-Head of North American Introduced$2,100.00
Deer, Axis or Chital-Lifesized of North American Introduced$3,700.00
Deer, Fallow-Head of North American Introduced$1,600.00
Deer, Fallow-Lifesized of North American Introduced$3,200.00
Deer, Pere David-Head of North American Introduced$10,700.00
Deer, Pere David-Lifesized of North American Introduced$13,400.00
Deer, Red-Head of North American Introduced$5,600.00
Deer, Red-LIfesized of North American Introduced$8,300.00
Deer, Silka-Head of North American Introduced$3,000.00
Deer, Silka-Lifesized of North American Introduced$4,600.00
Eland, Common-Head of North American Introduced$4,400.00
Eland, Common-Lifesized of North American Introduced$10,500.00
Gazelle, Dama-Head of North American Introduced$5,000.00
Gazelle, Dama-Lifesized of North American Introduced$6,600.00
Gazelle, Persian Goitered-Head of North American Introduced$3,800.00
Gazelle, Persian Goitered-Lifesized of North American Introduced$5,300.00
Gemsbox-Head of North American Introduced$4,400.00
Gemsbox-Lifesized of North American Introduced$7,200.00
Goat, “Catalina” or Feral-Head of North American Introduced$2,400.00
Goat, “Catalina” or Feral-Lifesized of North American Introduced$3,900.00
Ibex-Hybrid-Head of North American Introduced$1,500.00
Ibex, Hybrid-Lifesized of North American Introduced$3,300.00
Ibex, Nubian-Head of North American Introduced$8,700.00
Ibex, Nubian-Lifesized of North American Introduced$10,500.00
Ibex, Persian or Bezoar-Head of North American Introduced$4,200.00
Ibex, Persian or Bezoar-Lifesized of North American Introduced$4,800.00
Ibex, Siberian-Head of North American Introduced$7,600.00
Ibex, Siberian-Lifesized of North American Introduced$9,300.00
Lechwe, Southern-Head of North American Introduced$5,200.00
Lechwe, Southern-Lifesized of North American Introduced$7,100.00
Markhor-Head of North American Introduced$7,100.00
Markhor-Lifesized of North American Introduced$8,700.00
Mouflon, Armenian-Head of North American Introduced$2,500.00
Mouflon, Armenian-Lifesized of North American Introduced$4,100.00
Mouflon, European-Head of North American Introduced$2,500.00
Mouflon, European-Lifesized of North American Introduced$4,100.00
Nilgai or Blue Bull-Head of North American Introduced$2,900.00
Nilgai or Blue Bull-Lifesized of North American Introduced$5,400.00
Oryx, Scimitar-Horned-Head of North American Introduced$4,600.00
Oryx, Scimitar-Horned-Lifesized of North American Introduced$6,800.00
Sable, Antelope-Head of North American Introduced$7,000.00
Sable, Antelope-Lifesized of North American Introduced$11,300.00
Sheep, Aoudad or Barbary-Head of North American Introduced$3,700.00
Sheep, Aoudad or Barbary-Lifesized of North American Introduced$4,800.00
Sheep, “Corsican” or Hybrid-Head of North American Introduced$1,600.00
Sheep, “Corsican” or Hybrid-Lifesized of North American Introduced$3,200.00
Sheep, Multi-Horned-Head of North American Introduced$2,100.00
Sheep, Multi-Horned-Lifesized of North American Introduced$3,800.00
Sheep, Red (Hybrid)-Head of North American Introduced$4,100.00
Sheep, Red(Hybrid)-Lifesized of North American Introduced$5,700.00
Springbok-Head of North American Introduced$3,800.00
Springbok-Lifesized of North American Introduced$5,700.00
Tahr, Himalayan-Head of North American Introduced$6,900.00
Tahr, Himalayan-Lifesized of North American Introduced$8,500.00
Waterbuck, Head of North American Introduced$5,200.00
Waterbuck-Lifesized of North American Introduced$8,200.00
Baboon-Head of Africa$0.00
Baboon-Lifesized of Africa$4,800.00
Blesbok-Head of Africa$1,900.00
Blesbok-Lifesized of Africa$3,800.00
Blesbok, White-Head of Africa$2,800.00
Blesbok, White-Lifesized of Africa$4,700.00
Boar, Wild Barbary-Head of Africa$4,300.00
Boar, Wild Barbary-Lifesized of Africa$5,700.00
Bongo, Western-Head of Africa$25,000.00
Bongo, Western-Lifesized of Africa$28,000.00
Bontebok-Head of Africa$3,800.00
Bontebok-Lifesized of Africa$5,700.00
Buffalo, Cape-Head of Africa$7,500.00
Buffalo, Cape-Lifesized of Africa$14,000.00
Buffalo, Dwarf Forest-Head of Africa$6,100.00
Buffalo, Dwarf Forest-Lifesized of Africa$13,300.00
Buffalo, Nile-Head of Africa$3,900.00
Buffalo, Nile-Lifesized of Africa$11,000.00
Buffalo, Northwestern-Head of Africa$3,700.00
Buffalo, Northwestern-Lifesized of Africa$10,900.00
Bushbuck, Abyssinian-Head of Africa$3,800.00
Bushbuck, Abyssinian-Lifesized of Africa$5,300.00
Bushbuck, Cape-Head of Africa$2,400.00
Bushbuck, Cape-Lifesized of Africa$3,900.00
Bushbuck-Chobe-Head of Africa$2,700.00
Bushbuck, Chobe-Lifesized of Africa$4,200.00
Bushbuck, East African-Head of Africa$2,800.00
Bushbuck, East African-Lifesized of Africa$4,300.00
Bushbuck, Harmessed-Head of Africa$2,800.00
Bushbuck, Harmessed-Lifesized of Africa$4,300.00
Bushbuck, Limpopo-Head of Africa$2,600.00
Bushbuck, Limpopo-Lifesized of Africa$4,100.00
Bushbuck, Menelik-Head of Africa$2,700.00
Bushbuck, Menelik-Lifesized of Africa$4,200.00
Bushbuck, Nile-Head of Africa$4,100.00
Bushbuck, Nile-Lifesized of Africa$5,600.00
Crocodile-Head of Africa$6,600.00
Crocodile-Lifesized of Africa$8,700.00
Dik-Dik, Cordeaux-Head of Africa$2,300.00
Dik-Dik, Cordeaux-Lifesized of Africa$3,200.00
Dik-Dik, Damara-Head of Africa$4,900.00
Dik-Dik, Damara-Lifesized of Africa$5,800.00
Dik-Dik, Guenther-Head of Africa$2,500.00
Dik-Dik, Guenther-Lifesized of Africa$3,400.00
Dik-Dik, Harrar-Head of Africa$3,600.00
Dik-Dik, Harrar-Lifesized of Africa$4,500.00
Dik-Dik, Kirk (Typical)-Head of Africa$2,900.00
Dik-Dik, Kirk (Typical)-Lifesized of Africa$3,800.00
Dik-Dik, Salt-Head of Africa$5,900.00
Dik-Dik, Salt-Lifesized of Africa$5,900.00
Duiker, Abbott-Head of Africa$6,200.00
Duiker, Abbott-Lifesized of Africa$7,200.00
Duiker, Angolan Bush-Head of Africa$3,600.00
Duiker, Angolan Bush-Lifesized of Africa$4,600.00
Duiker, Bay-Head of Africa$5,600.00
Duiker, Bay-Lifesized of Africa$6,600.00
Duiker, Black-Head of Africa$9,100.00
Duiker, Black-Lifesized of Africa$10,100.00
Duiker, Black-Fronted-Head of Africa$7,700.00
Duiker, Black-Fronted-Lifesized of Africa$8,700.00
Duiker, Blue-Head of Africa$2,400.00
Duiker, Blue-Lifesized of Africa$3,500.00
Duiker, Bush Southern-Head of Africa$2,400.00
Duiker, Bush Southern-Lifesized of Africa$3,900.00
Duiker, Bush Wester -Head of Africa$2,600.00
Duiker, Bush Wester-Lifesized of Africa$3,600.00
Duiker, East African Bush-Head of Africa$2,200.00
Duiker, East African Bush-Lifesized of Africa$3,200.00
Duiker, Gabon-Head of Africa$5,600.00
Duiker, Gabon-Lifesized of Africa$6,700.00
Duiker, Harvey Red-Head of Africa$3,400.00
Duiker, Harvey Red-Lifesized of Africa$4,500.00
Duiker, Maxwell-Head of Africa$5,800.00
Duiker, Maxwell-Lifesized of Africa$6,800.00
Duiker, Natal Red-Head of Africa$2,800.00
Duiker, Natal Red-Lifesized of Africa$3,800.00
Duiker, Ogilby-Head of Africa$8,200.00
Duiker, Ogilby-Lifesized of Africa$9,300.00
Duiker, Peters-Head of Africa$6,000.00
Duiker, Peters-Lifesized of Africa$6,900.00
Duiker, Red-Flanked-Head of Africa$3,000.00
Duiker, Red-Flanked-Lifesized of Africa$4,500.00
Duiker, Weyns-Head of Africa$3,900.00
Duiker, Weyns-Lifesized of Africa$4,900.00
Duiker, Yellow-Backed-Head of Africa$3,700.00
Duiker, Yellow-Backed-Lifesized of Africa$5,300.00
Duiker, Zebra-Head of Africa$8,200.00
Duiker, Zebra-Lifesized of Africa$9,300.00
Eland, Cape-Head of Africa$4,500.00
Eland, Cape-Lifesized of Africa$10,500.00
Deland, East African-Head of Africa$3,500.00
Eland, East African-Lifesized of Africa$9,600.00
Eland, Giant Central African-Head of Africa$14,500.00
Eland, Giant Central African-Lifesized of Africa$21,600.00
Eland, Livingston-Head of Africa$3,700.00
Eland, Livingston-Lifesized of Africa$9,700.00
Elephant, African-Head of Africa$35,000.00
Elephant, African-Lifesized of Africa$113,100.00
Elephant, Tusks Each-(Indicate Weight/Dimensions)$15,300.00
Gazelle, Bright-Head of Africa$4,900.00
Gazelle, Bright-Lifesized of Africa$6,700.00
Gazelle, Dorcas Sahara-Head of Africa$5,100.00
Gazelle, Dorcas Sahara-Lifesized of Africa$6,600.00
Gazelle, Eritrean-Head of Africa$5,400.00
Gazelle, Eritrean-Lifesized of Africa$7,200.00
Gazelle, Great Northern-Head of Africa$2,600.00
Gazelle, Great Northern-Lifesized of Africa$4,400.00
Gazelle, Great Southern-Head of Africa$2,600.00
Gazelle, Great Southern-Lifesized of Africa$4,400.00
Gazelle, Mongalla-Head of Africa$2,600.00
Gazelle, Mongalla-Lifesized of Africa$4,100.00
Gazelle, Peters-Head of Africa$2,400.00
Gazelle, Peters-Lifesized of Africa$4,200.00
Gazelle, Red-Fronted or Korin-Head of Africa$4,400.00
Gazelle, Red-Fronted or Korin-Lifesized of Africa$6,200.00
Gazelle, Roberts-Head of Africa$3,600.00
Gazelle, Roberts-Lifesized of Africa$5,400.00
Gazelle, Soemmering Somali-Head of Africa$2,700.00
Gazelle, Soemmerring Somali-Lifesized of Africa$4,500.00
Gazelle, Thomson-Head of Africa$2,500.00
Thomson-Lifesized of Africa$4,000.00
Gemsbok, Angolan-Head of Africa$4,200.00
Gemsbok, Angolan-Lifesized of Africa$7,000.00
Gemsbok, Kalahari-Head of Africa$3,500.00
Gemsbok, Kalahari-Lifesized of Africa$7,100.00
Gerenuk, Northern-Head of Africa$4,200.00
Gerenuk, Northern-Lifesized of Africa$6,600.00
Gerenuk, Southern-Head of Africa$3,400.00
Gerenuk, Southern-Lifesized of Africa$5,700.00
Giraffe-Head of Africa$7,200.00
Giraffe-Lifesized of Africa$30,000.00
Grysbok, Cape-Head of Africa$2,400.00
Grysbok, Cape-Lifesized of Africa$3,500.00
Grysbok, Sharpe-Head of Africa$2,300.00
Grysbok, Sharpe-Lifesized of Africa$3,200.00
Hartebeest, Cape-Head of Africa$2,900.00
Hartebeest, Cape-Lifesized of Africa$5,900.00
Hartebeest, Coke-Head of Africa$2,700.00
Hartebeest, Coke-Lifesized of Africa$5,600.00
Hartebeest, Lelwel-Head of Africa$3,100.00
Hartebeest, Lelwel-Lifesized of Africa$6,000.00
Hartebeest, Lichtenstein-Head of Africa$2,800.00
Hartebeest, Lichtenstein-Lifesized of Africa$5,700.00
Hartebeest, Neumann (Hybrid)-Head of Africa$4,200.00
Hartebeest, Neumann (Hybrid)-Lifesized of Africa$7,100.00
Hartebeest, Western-Head of Africa$2,900.00
Hartebeest, Western-Lifesized of Africa$5,900.00
Hippopotamus-Head of Africa$7,300.00
Hippopotamus-Lifesized of Africa$28,800.00
Hog, Giant Forest-Head of Africa$3,900.00
Hog, Giant Forest-Lifesized of Africa$5,400.00
Hunter Antelope, Hirola-Head of Africa$7,200.00
Hunter Antelope, Hirola-Lifesized of Africa$10,200.00
Hyena, Spotted-Head of Africa$2,600.00
Hyena, Spotted-Lifesized of Africa$4,100.00
Ibex, Nubian-Head of Africa$5,600.00
Ibex, Nubian-Lifesized of Africa$7,300.00
Impala, East African-Head of Africa$2,600.00
Impala, East African-Lifesized of Africa$4,400.00
Impala, Southern-Head of Africa$2,300.00
Impala, Southern-Lifesized of Africa$4,100.00
Jackal-Lifesized of Africa$550.00
Klipspringer-Head of Africa$1,700.00
Klipspringer-Lifesized of Africa$2,800.00
Kob, Western or Buffon-Head of Africa$3,000.00
Kob, Western or Buffon-Lifesized of Africa$5,000.00
Kob, Uganda-Head of Africa$4,400.00
Kob, Uganda-Lifesized of Africa$6,300.00
Kob, White-Eared-Head of Africa$3,300.00
Kob, White-Eared-Lifesized of Africa$5,200.00
Korrigum-Head of Africa$3,100.00
Korrigum-Lifesized of Africa$6,000.00
Kudu, Abyssinian Greater-Head of Africa$5,300.00
Kudu, Abyssinian Greater-Lifesized of Africa$8,600.00
Kudu, East African Greater-Head of Africa$4,100.00
Kudu, East African Greater-Lifesized of Africa$7,300.00
Kudu, Eastern Cape Greater-Head of Africa$3,400.00
Kudu, Eastern Cape Greater-Lifesized of Africa$7,400.00
Kudu, Lesser-Head of Africa$3,100.00
Kudu, Lesser-Lifesized of Africa$5,400.00
Kudu, Southern Greater-Head of Africa$3,400.00
Kudu, Southern Greater-Lifesized of Africa$6,600.00
Kudu, Western Greater-Head of Africa$8,300.00
Kudu, Western Greater-Lifesized of Africa$11,600.00
Lechwe, Black-Head of Africa$5,100.00
Lechwe, Black-Lifesized of Africa$7,000.00
Lechwe, Kafue Flats-Head of Africa$3,600.00
Lechwe, Kafue Flats-Lifesized of Africa$5,500.00
Lechwe, Nile-Head of Africa$3,900.00
Lechwe, Nile-Lifesized of Africa$5,900.00
Lechwe, Red-Head of Africa$3,200.00
Lechwe, Red-Lifesized of Africa$5,200.00
Leopard, African (Rug)-Head of Africa$13,100.00
Leopard, African (Rug)-Lifesized of Africa$16,400.00
Lion, African (Rug)-Head of Africa$28,900.00
Lion, African (Rug)-Lifesized of Africa$35,400.00
Nyala, Mountain-Head of Africa$32,000.00
Nyala, Mountain-Lifesized of Africa$34,000.00
Nyala, Southern-Head of Africa$3,500.00
Nyala, Southern-Lifesized of Africa$5,700.00
Oribi-Head of Africa$2,300.00
Oribi-Lifesized of Africa$3,300.00
Oribi, Haggard-Head of Africa$6,800.00
Oribi, Haggard-Lifesized of Africa$7,800.00
Oryx, Beisa-Head of Africa$3,200.00
Oryx, Beisa-Lifesized of Africa$5,700.00
Oryx, Fringe-Eared-Head of Africa$3,100.00
Oryx, Fringe-Eared-Lifesized of Africa$5,600.00
Pig, Bush-Head of Africa$2,700.00
Pig, Bush-Lifesized of Africa$4,100.00
Puku-Head of Africa$2,700.00
Puku-Lifesized of Africa$5,300.00
Reedbuck, Abyssinian Bohor-Head of Africa$3,800.00
Reedbuck, Abyssinian Bohor-Lifesized of Africa$5,600.00
Reedbuck, Chanier Mountain-Head of Africa$2,400.00
Reedbuck, Chanier Mountain-Lifesized of Africa$4,200.00
Reedbuck, Common-Head of Africa$2,600.00
Reedbuck, Common-Lifesized of Africa$4,400.00
Reedbuck, Eastern Bohor-Head of Africa$2,400.00
Reedbuck, Eastern Bohor-Lifesized of Africa$4,200.00
Reedbuck, Nagor-Head of Africa$3,800.00
Reedbuck, Nagor-Lifesized of Africa$5,700.00
Reedbuck, Nigerian Bohor-Head of Africa$2,600.00
Reedbuck, Nigerian Bohor-Lifesized of Africa$4,400.00
Reedbuck, Southern Mountain-Head of Africa$1,900.00
Reedbuck, Southern Mountain-Lifesized of Africa$3,700.00
Reedbuck, Sudan Bohor-Head of Africa$2,900.00
Reedbuck, Sudan Bohor-Lifesized of Africa$4,800.00
Rhedbok, Vaal-Head of Africa$2,500.00
Rhebok, Vaal-Lifesized of Africa$4,400.00
Rhinoceros, Southern White-Head of Africa$49,800.00
Rhinoceros, Southern White-Lifesized of Africa$69,200.00
Roan Antelope, Angolan-Head of Africa$3,200.00
Roan Antelope, Angolan-Lifesized of Africa$6,400.00
Roan Antelope, East African-Head of Africa$3,200.00
Roan Antelope, East African-Lifesized of Africa$6,600.00
Roan Antelope, Sudan-Head of Africa$4,800.00
Roan Antelope, Sudan-Lifesized of Africa$8,100.00
Roan Antelope, Western-Head of Africa$3,500.00
Roan Antelope, Western-Lifesized of Africa$6,900.00
Sable Antelope-Head of Africa$7,600.00
Sable Antelope-Lifesized of Africa$11,300.00
Sheep, Aoudad or Barbary-Head of Africa$5,400.00
Sheep, Aoudad or Barbary-Lifesized of Africa$7,400.00
Sitatunga, East African-Head of Africa$4,200.00
Sitatunga, East African-Lifesized of Africa$6,400.00
Sitatunga, Forest-Head of Africa$4,200.00
Sitatunga, Forest-Lifesized of Africa$6,400.00
Sitatunga, Sesse Island-Head of Africa$7,100.00
Sitatunga, Sesse Island -Lifesized of Africa$9,300.00
Sitatunga, Western-Head of Africa$6,200.00
Sitatunga, Western-Lifesized of Africa$8,400.00
Sitatunga, Zambezi-Head of Africa$3,700.00
Sitatunga, Zambezi-Lifesized of Africa$5,900.00
Springbok, Angolan-Head of Africa$4,700.00
Springbok, Angolan-Lifesized of Africa$6,900.00
Springbok, Black-Head of Africa$2,500.00
Springbok, Black-Lifesized of Africa$4,400.00
Springbok, Kalahari-Head of Africa$2,500.00
Springbok, Kalahari-Lifesized of Africa$4,500.00
Springbok, South African-Head of Africa$2,200.00
Springbok, South African-Lifesized of Africa$4,100.00
Springbok, White-Head of Africa$2,500.00
Springbok, White-Lifesized of Africa$4,400.00
Steenbok-Head of Africa$2,300.00
Steenbok-Lifesized of Africa$3,300.00
Suni, East African-Head of Africa$2,300.00
Suni, East African-Lifesized of Africa$3,200.00
Suni, Livingstone-Head of Africa$2,500.00
Suni, Livingstone-Lifesized of Africa$3,500.00
Tiang-Head of Africa$3,400.00
Tiang-Lifesized of Africa$6,400.00
Topi-Head of Africa$3,100.00
Topi-Lifesized of Africa$6,100.00
Tsessebe-Head of Africa$3,200.00
Tsessebe-Lifesized of Africa$6,100.00
Warthog-Head of Africa$2,400.00
Warthog-Lifesized of Africa$4,000.00
Waterbuck, Angolan Defassa-Head of Africa$4,100.00
Waterbuck, Angolan Defassa-Lifesized of Africa$7,000.00
Waterbuck, Crawshay Defassa-Head of Africa$3,100.00
Waterbuck, Crawshay Defassa-Lifesized of Africa$6,100.00
Waterbuck, East African Defassa-Head of Africa$3,100.00
Waterbuck, East African Defassa-Lifesized of Africa$6,100.00
Waterbuck, Ringed or Common-Head of Africa$3,800.00
Waterbuck, Ringed or Common-Lifesized of Africa$6,700.00
Waterbuck, Sing-Sing-Head of Africa$3,100.00
Waterbuck, Sing-Sing-Lifesized of Africa$6,100.00
Wildebeest, Black-Head of Africa$2,500.00
Wildebeest, Black-Lifesized of Africa$5,400.00
Wildebeest, Blue-Head of Africa$2,800.00
Wildebeest, Blue-Lifesized of Africa$5,700.00
Wildebeest, Cookson-Head of Africa$3,100.00
Wildebeest, Cookson-Lifesized of Africa$6,100.00
Wildebeest, Nyasa-Head of Africa$3,300.00
Wildebeest, Nyasa-Lifesized of Africa$6,200.00
Wildebeest, White Bearded-Head of Africa$2,700.00
Wildebeest, White Bearded-Lifesized of Africa$5,600.00
Zebra (Rug)-Head of Africa$2,900.00
Zebra (Rug)-Lifesized of Africa$6,400.00
Blackbuck or Indian Antelope-Head of South America$3,400.00
Blackbuck or Indian Antelope-Lifesized of South America$5,000.00
Boar, Feral-Head of South America$2,000.00
Boar, Feral-Lifesized of South America$3,400.00
Brocket, Brown or Gray-Head of South America$3,500.00
Brocket, Brown or Gray-Lifesized of South America$5,000.00
Brocket, Red-Head of South America$3,500.00
Brocket, Red-Lifesized of South America$5,000.00
Buffalo, Water-Head of South America$6,400.00
Buffalo, Water-Lifesized of South America$13,500.00
Cougar or Puma (Rug)-Head of South America$6,000.00
Cougar or Puma (Rug)-Lifesized of South America$7,600.00
Deer, Axis or Chital-Head of South America$3,200.00
Deer, Axis or Chital-Lifesized of South America$4,800.00
Deer, Fallow-Head of South America$2,900.00
Deer, Fallow-Lifesized of South America$5,000.00
Deer, Pere David-Head of South America$11,100.00
Deer, Pere David-Lifesized of South America$13,800.00
Deer, Red-Head of South America$5,900.00
Deer, Red-Lifesized of South America$8,600.00
Deer, White-Tailed South American-Head of South America$3,400.00
Deer, White-Tailed South American-Lifesized of South America$5,000.00
Goat, Feral-Head of South America$2,400.00
Goat, Feral-Lifesized of South America$4,200.00
Ibex, Alpine-Head of South America$6,100.00
Ibex, Alpine-Lifesized of South America$7,900.00
Mouflon, European-Head of South America$3,500.00
Mouflon, European-Lifesized of South America$5,100.00
Peccary, White-Lipped-Head of South America$2,300.00
Peccary, White-Lipped-Lifesized of South America$3,000.00
Argali, Altai-Head of Asia$60,000.00
Argali, Altai-Lifesized of Asia$63,000.00
Argali, Gobi-Head of Asia$30,000.00
Argali, Gobi-Lifesized of Asia$30,500.00
Argali, Marco Polo-Head of Asia$37,700.00
Argali, Marco Polo-Lifesized of Asia$40,300.00
Argali, Tian Shan-Head of Asia$37,900.00
Argali, Tian Shan-Lifesized of Asia$40,500.00
Bear, Brown Eurasian (Rug)-Head of Asia$8,200.00
Bear, Brown Eurasian (Rug)-Lifesized of Asia$10,200.00
Bear, Brown Mideastern (Rug)-Head of Asia$9,900.00
Bear, Brown Mideastern(Rug)-Lifesized of Asia$12,000.00
Bharal, Chinese-Head of Asia$13,500.00
Bharal, Chinese-Lifesized of Asia$15,300.00
Bharal, Himalayan-Head of Asia$13,500.00
Bharal, Himalayan-Lifesized of Asia$15,300.00
Boar, Wild-Head of Asia$2,000.00
Boar, Wild-Lifesized of Asia$3,500.00
Chamis, Anatolian-Head of Asia$7,200.00
Chamis, Anatolian-Lifesized of Asia$8,700.00
Chamois, Caucasian-Head of Asia$3,400.00
Chamois, Caucasian-Lifesized of Asia$4,900.00
Chinkara or Indian Gazelle-Head of Asia$12,100.00
Chinkara or Indian Gazelle-Lifesized of Asia$14,500.00
Deer, Axis or Chital-Head of Asia$4,800.00
Deer, Axis or Chital-Lifesized of Asia$6,400.00
Deer, Indian Hog-Head of Asia$6,000.00
Deer, Indian Hog-Lifesized of Asia$7,500.00
Deer, Red Mideastern-Head of Asia$4,800.00
Deer, Red Mideastern-Lifesized of Asia$7,600.00
Deer, Roe Siberian-Head of Asia$3,700.00
Deer, Roe Siberian-Lifesized of Asia$5,200.00
Eastern or Dagestan Tur-Head of Asia$7,500.00
Eastern or Dagestan Tur-Lifesized of Asia$9,200.00
European Roe Deer (Typical Antlers)-Head of Asia$4,400.00
European Roe Deer (Typcial Antlers)-Lifesized of Asia$5,900.00
Gazelle, Goa or Tibetan-Head of Asia$3,000.00
Gazelle, Goa or Tibetan-Lifesized of Asia$4,600.00
Gazelle, Hillier Goitered-Head of Asia$2,600.00
Gazelle, Hillier or Goitered-Lifesized of Asia$4,100.00
Gazelle, Mongolian-Head of Asia$5,000.00
Gazelle, Mongolian-Lifesized of Asia$6,600.00
Gazelle, Persian Goitered-Head of Asia$4,000.00
Gazelle, Persian Goitered-Lifesized of Asia$5,800.00
Gazelle, Przewalski-Head of Asia$5,000.00
Gazelle, Przewalski-Lifesized of Asia$6,600.00
Ibex, Gobi-Head of Asia$6,700.00
Ibex, Gobi-Lifesized of Asia$8,400.00
Ibex, Himalyan-Head of Asia$5,600.00
Ibex, Himalyan-Lifesized of Asia$7,400.00
Ibex, Midasian-Head of Asia$6,900.00
Ibex, Midasian-Lifesized of Asia$8,700.00
Ibex, Nubian-Head of Asia$10,700.00
Ibex, Nubian-Lifesized of Asia$13,400.00
Ibex, or Pasang, Bezoar-Head of Asia$7,300.00
Ibex, or Pasang, Bezoar-Lifesized of Asia$9,000.00
Ibex, Siberian-Head of Asia$7,400.00
Ibex, Siberian-Lifesized of Asia$9,200.00
Ibex, Sind-Head of Asia$8,100.00
Ibex, Sind-Lifesized of Asia$9,900.00
Kamchatka Snow Sheep-Head of Asia$18,200.00
Kamchatka Snow Sheep-Lifesized of Asia$19,900.00
Lynx, Eurasian (Rug)-Head of Asia$4,300.00
Lynx, Eurasian (Rug)-Lifesized of Asia$4,600.00
Markhor, Astor-Head of Asia$37,700.00
Markhor, Astor-Lifesized of Asia$39,700.00
Markhor, Kashmir-Head of Asia$35,000.00
Markhor, Kashmir-Lifesized of Asia$36,900.00
Mishmi Takin-Head of Asia$17,000.00
Mishmi Takin-Lifesized of Asia$20,300.00
Moose, or Elk, Siberian-Head of Asia$6,800.00
Moose, or Elk, Siberian-Lifesized of Asia$10,700.00
Mouflon, Armenian-Head of Asia$14,400.00
Mouflon, Armenian-Lifesized of Asia$16,000.00
Muntjao, Indian-Head of Asia$4,800.00
Muntjao, Indian-Lifesized of Asia$6,300.00
Nilgai or Blue Bull-Head of Asia$4,600.00
Nilgai or Blue Bull-Lifesized of Asia$7,100.00
Reindeer or Caribou-Head of Asia$6,500.00
Reindeer or Caribou-Lifesized of Asia$9,000.00
Rusa, Javan-Head of Asia$5,600.00
Rusa, Javan-Lifesized of Asia$7,200.00
Saiga, Russian-Head of Asia$3,900.00
Saiga, Russian-Lifesized of Asia$5,700.00
Sambar, Indian-Head of Asia$4,000.00
Sambar, Indian-Lifesized of Asia$5,700.00
Sambar, Indochinese-Head of Asia$11,100.00
Sambar, Indochinese-Lifesized of Asia$12,700.00
Sheep, Snow Siberian-Head of Asia$14,100.00
Sheep, Snow Siberian-Lifesized of Asia$15,900.00
Tahr, Himalayan-Head of Asia$5,800.00
Tahr, Himalayan-Lifesized of Asia$7,800.00
Urial, Afgan-Head of Asia$13,600.00
Urial, Afgan-Lifesized of Asia$15,300.00
Urial, Blanford-Head of Asia$15,100.00
Urial, Blanford-Lifesized of Asia$16,800.00
Urial, Punjab-Head of Asia$15,600.00
Urial, Punjab-Lifesized of Asia$17,200.00
Urial, Transcaspian-Head of Asia$20,000.00
Urial, Transcaspian-Lifesized of Asia$21,800.00
Wapiti, Asian Central-Head of Asia$7,800.00
Wapiti, Asian Central-Lifesized of Asia$10,500.00
Wapiti, Manchurian-Head of Asia$7,900.00
Wapiti, Manchurian-Lifesized of Asia$10,700.00
Water Buffalo -Head of Asia$5,700.00
Water Buffalo -Lifesized of Asia$12,800.00
Wolf, Gray (Rug)-Head of Asia$2,800.00
Wolf, Gray (Rug)-LIfesized of Asia$3,900.00
Bear, Brown Eurasian (Rug)-Head of Europe$27,000.00
Bear, Brown Eurasian (Rug)-Lifesized of Europe$29,000.00
Bison or Wisent, European-Head of Europe$7,600.00
Bison or Wisent, European-Lifesized of Europe$11,700.00
Boar, Wild-Head of Europe$2,100.00
Boar, Wild-Lifesized of Europe$3,500.00
Caribou or Reindeer-Head of Europe$6,300.00
Caribou or Reindeer-Lifesized of Europe$8,800.00
Chamois, Alpine-Head of Europe$3,700.00
Chamois, Alpine-Lifesized of Europe$5,200.00
Chamois, Balkan-Head of Europe$2,700.00
Chamois, Balkan-Lifesized of Europe$4,200.00
Chamois, Cantabrian-Head of Europe$6,500.00
Chamois, Cantabrian-Lifesized of Europe$8,000.00
Chamois Carpathian-Head of Europe$2,600.00
Chamois Carpathian-Lifesized of Europe$4,100.00
Chamois, Pyrenean-Head of Europe$6,500.00
Chamois, Pyrenean-Lifesized of Europe$8,000.00
Deer, Fallow European-Head of Europe$7,400.00
Deer, Fallow European-Lifesized of Europe$9,100.00
Deer, Hog-Head of Europe$6,000.00
Deer, Hog-Lifesized of Europe$7,500.00
Deer, Pere David-Head of Europe$8,100.00
Deer, Pere David-Lifesized of Europe$9,300.00
Deer, Red European-Head of Europe$6,200.00
Deer, Red European-Lifesized of Europe$8,900.00
Deer, Red Scottish-Head of Europe$6,200.00
Deer, Red Scottish-Lifesized of Europe$8,900.00
Deer, Red Spanish-Head of Europe$5,700.00
Deer, Red Spanish-Lifesized of Europe$8,400.00
Deer, Roe European-Head of Europe$4,200.00
Deer, Roe European-Lifesized of Europe$5,800.00
Deer, Silka-Head of Europe$3,200.00
Deer, Silka-Lifesized of Europe$4,800.00
Deer, Water Chinese-Head of Europe$3,200.00
Deer, Water Chinese-Lifesized of Europe$4,800.00
Goat, Feral-Head of Europe$2,900.00
Goat, Feral-Lifesized of Europe$4,600.00
Ibex, Alpine-Head of Europe$11,100.00
Ibex, Alpine-Lifesized of Europe$12,900.00
Ibex, Beceite-Head of Europe$10,900.00
Ibex, Beceite-Lifesized of Europe$12,700.00
Ibex, Gredos-Head of Europe$10,700.00
Ibex, Gredos-Lifesized of Europe$12,500.00
Ibex, Rhonda-Head of Europe$10,700.00
Ibex, Rhonda-Lifesized of Europe$12,500.00
Ibex, Spanish Southeastern-Head of Europe$10,700.00
Ibex, Spanish Southeastern-Lifesized of Europe$12,500.00
Lynx, Eurasian (Rug)-Head of Europe$3,400.00
Lynx, Eurasian (Rug)-Lifesized of Europe$3,700.00
Moose, or Elk, European-Head of Europe$5,000.00
Moose, or Elk, European-Lifesized of Europe$8,800.00
Mouflon, European-Head of Europe$6,600.00
Mouflon, European-Lifesized of Europe$8,200.00
Muntjac, Reeves-Head of Europe$3,300.00
Muntjac, Reeves-Lifesized of Europe$4,300.00
Wolf, Gray-Head of Europe$3,200.00
Wolf, Gray-Lifesized of Europe$4,300.00
Banteng-Head of South Pacific$10,700.00
Banteng-Lifesized of South Pacific$18,000.00
Buffalo, Water-Head of the South Pacific$5,700.00
Buffalo, Water-Lifesized of the South Pacific$12,900.00
Boar, Feral-Head of the South Pacific$2,900.00
Boar, Feral-Lifesized of the South Pacific$4,200.00
Chamois, Eurasian-Head of the South Pacific$3,700.00
Chamois, Eurasian-Lifesized of the South Pacific$5,200.00
Deer, Axis or Chital-Head of the South Pacific$4,700.00
Deer, Axis or Chital-Lifesized of the South Pacific$6,200.00
Deer, Fallow-Head of the South Pacific$3,800.00
Deer, Fallow-Lifesized of the South Pacific$5,400.00
Deer, Hog-Head of the South Pacific$4,900.00
Deer, Hog-Lifesized of the South Pacific$5,900.00
Deer, Red-Head of the South Pacific$5,700.00
Deer, Red-Lifesized of the South Pacific$8,300.00
Deer, Silka-Head of the South Pacific$4,500.00
Deer, Silka-Lifesized of the South Pacific$6,000.00
Deer, White-Tailed-Head of the South Pacific$4,000.00
Deer, White-Tailed-Lifesized of the South Pacific$5,600.00
Goat, Feral-Head of the South Pacific$2,000.00
Goat, Feral-Lifesized of the South Pacific$3,900.00
Rusa, Javan-Head of the South Pacific$6,100.00
Rusa, Javan-Lifesized of the South Pacific$7,600.00
Sambar-Head of the South Pacific$5,600.00
Sambar-Lifesized of the South Pacific$7,200.00
Tahr, Himalayan-Head of the South Pacific$5,600.00
Tahr, Himalayan-Lifesized of the South Pacific$7,200.00
Wapiti-Head of the South Pacific$8,000.00
Wapiti-Lifesized of the South Pacific$10,800.00
ALL REGIONS – To be insured at taxidermy cost only
Fish-All Regions$400.00
Small Game (Racoons, Beaver, etc.)-All Regions$550.00
Waterfowl & Birds-All Regions$400.00

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