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SCI is pleased to sponsor this Liability Insurance program for Guides and Outfitters. This insurance has been designed expressly for the types of risks and challenges that SCI guide members encounter in their hunting and guiding businesses. We believe that not only is this the finest G&O liability insurance on the market, it is priced below market and offers an outstanding value to guide businesses of all sizes.

The Guides & Outfitters Liability Insurance program is available to USA based guides and outfitters who are members of SCI and their SCI affiliated state association. This program has been designed by SCI’s long time insurance consultants in order to provide specialized insurance coverage for the unique risks faced by hunting guides. This program is administered by endorsed insurance consultants for the past 25 years and is underwritten by T.H.E. Insurance Company of Treasure Island FL, an A.M. Best “A- VII” rated company. T.H.E. also has underwritten SCI Member gun insurance, trophy insurance and convention exhibitors’ insurance for many years.

Eligible members can apply on-line or you can download an application and either mail or fax it. Please review the Summary of Insurance, Application and FAQs before you apply to make sure that your business qualifies.

Submit Your Guides & Outfitters Application

The application is available for immediate download and can be completed and either emailed, mailed or faxed to our administrators. If you do not have your operating figures and other information readily available, we recommend that you print out a blank application so that you can complete it as this information comes available. If you have any questions, please contact our administrators at 800 925-7767. Each application is reviewed and underwritten individually. Be sure that you include your daytime phone number in case they need to talk with you. But, do not send any payment with your application. After your application has been underwritten, a process that takes several days, our insurance agency will send you a proposal for insurance along with your annual premium notice. After you receive your proposal for insurance, you will be able to pay by either credit card or check and this payment will bind your coverage according to the terms of the proposal that you receive. If you have questions, you can call 800 925-7767 and our representatives will be glad to help you.

Summary of Insurance, Application and FAQs

1. Who is eligible?

This program is open to USA based guides and outfitters who are members of their SCI affiliated state guides and outfitters association, and who also are members of SCI. All SCI guides and outfitters are eligible except for those who:

  • Use three wheel ATV’s.
  • Have more than 25% of their operations from activities other than guided hunts*.

* An activity is incidental to and part of hunting if the activity is an integral part of a hunt (e.g. such as using watercraft or horses to transport hunters or gear) or if the activity is available as a means to pass time during hunting breaks (e.g. fishing). One indication of whether the activity is incidental to hunting is whether the participant is billed separately for the non-hunting activity.

2. What does this insurance cover?

This program provides general liability coverage for the operations of guides and outfitters for third party bodily injury and property damage claims arising out of your operations.

3. Who is covered by this insurance?

The certificate holder is provided coverage for bodily injury and property damage claims brought against the named and additional insureds by third parties (including customers and guests), arising out of and in the course of the named insured’s operations as a guide and outfitter up to the limits of the policy.

4. What is the SCI Member benefit of the Guides and Outfitters program?

The policy has been written specifically for the risks incurred by guides and outfitters. This policy uses standard liability insurance forms, but also includes expanded coverage that your local agent may not be able to provide, such as coverage for liability arising out of the incidental use of watercraft and horses and it also provides for as many standard land owner additional named insureds as you are required to carry, at no additional charge to you. In addition, the policy is underwritten by one of the nation’s leading providers of liability insurance for gun clubs and game preserves, assuring you that the insurance is among the most, if not the most, comprehensive and appropriate coverage available for guides and outfitters at competitive prices.

5. Who underwriters and administers the policy?

For many years Sportsman’s Insurance Agency has worked with T.H.E. Insurance Company, Inc. as it’s agent to produce the master policies for the Gun and Trophy Floaters and Guides and Outfitters Liability Insurance. Lechner & Stauffer, acting as insurance advisors and brokers to SCI, have successfully marketed the member benefit Trophy Floater, and the Trip Interruption / Cancellation program. The G&O liability insurance program is underwritten by T.H.E. Insurance of Treasure Island FL, an A.M. Best “A- VII” rated company. T.H.E. specializes in unusual risks. They have underwritten SCI’s gun insurance and trophy insurance for over 12 years and the Guides and Outfitters program since its inception.

6. How much coverage is available?

The basic policy limits are $1 million per occurrence, with additional layers of insurance available in $1 million increments up to a total of $10 million of coverage for an additional premium. The Products and Completed Operations aggregate limit is $1 million. The General Aggregate Limit (the most the policy will pay during the policy period) other than Products and Completed Operations is unlimited. The policy has no deductible.

7. How are premiums calculated?

The premiums are based on the revenues of your guide and outfitter business. Rates may vary for different classifications of business. The minimum premium based on gross receipts of under $25,000 with more than three years in business is $550. Guides with less than three years in business incur a surcharge of $275 in addition to their premium.

8. How do I add additional named insureds to my policy?

There is no cost to add additional named insured land owners to your policy if you are required by them to do so. These might include the federal government, state government, and private land owners. You can list them on your application and they will be added to your certificate of insurance. The insurance company strongly suggests that you review your leases and contracts very carefully and that you not list any additional named insureds unless you are required to do so. If any lease agreement or contract refers to hold harmless agreements and or indemnification agreements, then we require that a copy of that contract or lease be submitted for underwriter approval. There is no coverage for contracts and leases that are not submitted and approved.

9. Do I have host liquor liability coverage?

If you do not sell alcohol and do not have a license to sell alcohol but you provide it to your customers after hunting activities, coverage is included under the host liquor section of the general liability policy.

10. Am I covered for the food I serve my customers?

In the event that a customer suffers food poisoning as a result of eating food that you supply as part of your services coverage is provided within your policy limits. You are required to provide proper food storage and to use proper food handling procedures.

11. If I lease a ranch or other property to use for hunting, what coverage do I have?

Liability coverage follows you wherever your hunting business takes you, whether it is your property, leased property or public land. The policy does not include coverage for damage to buildings and property that you either lease or own. You should obtain these coverages from your local agent.

12. Am I covered if I supply horses and or mules for my customers to use while hunting?

The policy includes coverage arising out of the use of horses and mules in your guiding and outfitting business up to the policy limits. This policy does not include any animal mortality coverage.

13. I use boats to transport my hunters and to carry equipment and food. Am I eligible for this program?

Boats that are used as a part of your guiding and hunting activities are covered and do not count against the 25% limit on revenues from non guided hunt activities. The limit on revenues from activities other than guided hunts is intended to address activities such as the rental of boats for float trips and other similar uses that are not a part of your guiding and hunting business. There is no liability coverage for boats that are longer than 26’.

14. My hunting customers have the opportunity to fish during hunting breaks or at the end of a hunt if they have extra time before they depart. Am I eligible for coverage?

The restriction on revenues from fishing operations applies to revenues derived directly from fishing activities that are billed to your customer as a separate activity. If your hunting customers are permitted to fish during their hunt and you do not charge separately for this activity (e.g. an incidental activity), then the fishing does not count against the 25% limit on revenues from fishing and other non-guiding and outfitting business.

15. What is the restriction on the use of unguided drop camps?

If your business derives less than 25% of your gross annual receipts from this and other non guided hunt activities, you are eligible for the program and coverage is provided up to the policy limits.

16. If my guides are independent contractors, are they covered under this policy?

There is no coverage for your independent contractor guides. You are covered by the G & O liability policy for your liability from actions of the independent guides, provided that they are acting under your direction and supervision. Your independent contractor guides should have their own insurance and should name you as an additional named insured. You should require them to provide you with these certificates and keep them on file at all times.

17. Is my insurance still valid if I take my customers into Canada or Mexico?

Your business must be domiciled in the USA, but your policy is still valid for incidental activities in Canada. The policy is not valid for any activities in Mexico.

18. Does this policy provide my business with any insurance other than liability coverage?

No, this is liability coverage only. There are other types of insurance that are applicable to your business, some of which may be required by law. Some of these are worker’s compensation, automobile liability, coverage for buildings from fire and other perils, etc. We recommend that you contact your local agent for information on other valuable coverages appropriate for your business. We would again like to remind you that if you rent or lease buildings or structures such as a lodge, you should be sure that the owner has appropriate property insurance or, in the alternative, insure these properties yourself while you are using them.

19. Does this policy provide liability coverage for my off road vehicles such as ATV’s, and snowmobiles?

There is no liability coverage present for licensed vehicles used in the course of your business. We recommend that you check with your state regarding its financial responsibility laws. States differ in the types of vehicles that are required to be insured under an automobile policy. Customers who bring their own ATV’s and snowmobiles must provide you with a copy of their insurance.

20. What other insurance programs does SCI SPONSOR?

SCI sponsored insurance programs include:

  • Trip Interruption/Cancellation Coverage
  • Emergency Evacuation Coverage
  • Trophy Insurance
  • Gun Floater Insurance


These questions and answers are provided in order to help guides and outfitters to better understand liability insurance and the specifics of the policy. These Questions and Answers are not a part of your insurance policy, and do not have the power to modify your insurance policy. In the event that the actual policy forms are inconsistent with these Questions and Answers, then the language of the policy forms shall govern.