Gun Insurance


Insurance Solutions for Today's SCI Member

Our Safari Club International sponsored Gun Insurance is the finest firearms insurance available and protects your guns and optics for all types of risks, wherever you travel world-wide. Coverage includes loss due to theft, fire, flood, mysterious disappearance, and accidental damage. This is primary insurance, not secondary coverage like some other programs, with no deductible and below market rates.

Coverage is available for firearms, bows, scopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, cases, holsters, extra barrels, chokes, tube sets, and any custom or aftermarket work that you have. This is scheduled insurance and we place an insurable value on each item that you want to insure. Currently manufactured items are insured for full replacement cost with no depreciation.

Sportsman’s Insurance Agency has administered this Gun Insurance program since 1992. Thousands of SCI members have taken advantage of this comprehensive insurance program that gives you peace of mind coverage for your firearms when they are at home, in your locked vehicle, checked on an airplane, shipped via common carrier, on a hunt, shooting recreationally or wherever else you use your firearms and accessories. Click below for an application, to apply online or for more information.

Exclusive Program Features:

Submit Your Gun Insurance Application

The Policy

Sportsman’s Insurance Agency Gun Insurance is primary insurance and is not secondary to any other insurance that you may carry. Coverage is world-wide except for countries that are listed by the US Department of State as prohibited as destinations for US citizens. The policy covers all risks, with very few exclusions. See the FAQs for more information. There is no waiting period for this gun insurance and the effective date of your policy can be as early as the day after you send it to us, or any future date that you designate. However, an accurate, complete application is required, including gun values and complete descriptions of all items. If you have any questions regarding values, please email or call us. Also, refer to the FAQ section for more information.

How to Figure Your Cost

Sportsman’s Insurance Agency Gun Insurance is a great value. The cost is just $1.25 per $100 of insured value, with a minimum premium of $25 ($2000 of insurance.) We always use the manufacturer’s retail list price for guns still being manufactured and a value not to exceed 95% for guns no longer being made. Custom work and accessories can be insured in addition to the gun. To determine the manufacturer’s retail list price or to see if recent bill of sale or appraisals is needed, please contact us as 800 925-7767.

How to Complete the Application

The SCI Gun Insurance Application is divided into four categories:

1. Guns and Cases
2. Custom Work & Modifications
3. Scopes, Binoculars, Rings & Bases
4. Tube Sets and Miscellaneous

List all the items you want to insure. Be as complete with your descriptions as possible. If you do not know the exact submodel or grade, describe it as well as you can. Serial numbers are required for all firearms. In order to insure accessories, they must be items that you normally use and pack with your firearms. The more information that you include, the easier it is for the underwriter to verify the value of your guns. If there are any questions regarding your application, we will email you. Please check your email frequently and respond as quickly as possible in order to avoid delays in issuing your policy.


To report a claim, simply call us at 800 925-7767 and our claims administrator will take the necessary information to begin processing a claim. Our policy is to make repairs, if possible and economically feasible. If repairs cannot be made, we will provide a new replacement item if it is still being manufactured or pay you the insured value for items no longer available.